Financial Securities

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The information technology is becoming the best source to improve the way communication and information. Every kind of information, business opportunities and education facilities are available on internet. The internet opens opportunity for marketing ad expanding the business by placing ads and putting information on company's main websites and on different websites. The companies are using internet for saving its financial securities.

The stock market is now online for everyone using internet. The buying and selling information of the companies is all available online. The current financial situation of the companies is available on internet. If someone wants to buy or sell stocks and the current situation, one can always login and get the latest information which updates every minute on internet. There are many different websites which are main source of providing information stocks of different companies. It gives the whole information of the stock prices and the suggestions can also be read to buy the stocks or not because all the history information of the companies are also available and the websites can provide comparison chart of every quarter of the year to see the situation and one can judge the future prospects of the company.

"Internet technology provides better opportunities for companies to establish distinctive strategic positioning then did previous generations of information technology" (Micheal Porter, 2001)

With the stock market information websites, the internet has opened many other businesses like internet market places and online auctions. Internet technology has attracted companies' CEOs and financial mangers by creating whole stock market online as it facilitates Initial publics offerings (IPOs), tracking stocks and spin offs of the company and can always look at the competitors stock prices. Companies are taking competitive advantage through internet stock markets.

Because of the availability of stock market online there is no restriction...