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The emergence of popular culture icon Howard Stern into the vastness of outer space through satellite radio forever changed America. Satellite radio is reshaping popular culture just as the telegraph did. A new technological way of life is appearing and there is no stopping it. Peter Johnson of USA Today said that just as Howard Stern retools his act for a new generation of listeners, so, too, is satellite radio recasting what radio means to Americans.

A symbol from earlier days of terrestrial radio, Stern crossed over to satellite radio, the future. Because popular culture reflects who we are, Sterns' leaping into the future of satellite broadcasting reflects how a society perceives itself. The restrictions of the Federal Communications Commission have given rise to an era of satellite where nothing is held back. It is a sensationalist culture now.

Those great satellites in the sky that are changing and reshaping our culture on the airwaves are also reshaping how we view our past.

Superman claimed to be faster than a speeding bullet, but now airwaves are even faster than Superman. And faster than a speeding airwave, your favorite Superman episode can be downloaded on your cell phone. From reruns of I Love Lucy on a video iPod to a VCast exclusive of a live concert, people now have the power to decide what is important to them at their fingertips. "We're living in the modern age now," Wyclef Jean of the hip hop group Fugees said in an interview with Elysa Gardner of USA Today. "I call it the Year of the Matrix". V Casting is eliminating the need for a traditional radio DJ according to Wyclef. "Now all our fans have to do is go to their phones and they'll be the first ones to hear something."

Never before...