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The Book "Fahrenheit 451" shows how drastic and extreme people that hold power can become. In "Fahrenheit 451", three main themes were censorship, conformity, and the power of the government.

Censorship is shown greatly throughout the book, and is the main theme. The government holds many things from the people and does not allow them to gain any intelligence other than what they teach them. The most evident example of this is in the government's complete ban on books. They do not want anyone to become any more intelligent than they allow them to themselves. By banning books they successfully keep people from gaining new ideas on their own. The government is very strict in enforcing these laws.

The book shows conformity in that the government wants everyone to be the same and

tries very hard to make life this way. They appear to stop at nothing to maintain extreme equality.

As a result of this, everyone becomes thoughtless and forms no opinions of their own. Everyone is of the same intelligence, except for those that break the law and read books in order to gain knowledge. Most of the people do not know better than to allow themselves to be conformed, and almost everyone willingly accepts the idea that everyone should be the same. Fahrenheit 451 shows how conformity is not a good thing, and Bradbury strongly opposes it.

The total power of the government is a very important theme to the book. They have

complete control over everyone and can destroy anything they believe they need to in order to maintain this power. They have a mechanical hound that attacks and tries to kill anyone they program it to, which is a very powerful tool to them. However, They do not always do things...