Explain the major causes for the English Reformation

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The English Reformation occurred for three reasons; economic gain, religious disputes, and most of all, because of King Henry VIII emotional life. The Catholic Church in England owned much of the land and had amassed much wealth. Many religious groups in England had been pushing for reform since the 1300's. King Henry was married and wanted his marriage annulled so he could marry another woman, but the Pope would not grant this annulment; Henry created his own church and appointed himself as the head of his new church so that he could grant himself an annulment. The consequences of England's break from Rome were far reaching and long lasting.

One reason for the reformation was the wealth of the Catholic Church; the Catholic Church owned and controlled vast amounts of land and wealth. Henry saw a break from Rome as an opportunity to pay for his expensive wars. During the mid 16th century, Henry destroyed and confiscated the monasteries and other lands of the church.

The lands that he confiscated were sold to the nobility and middle classes. The money from these land sales went to pay for the war effort.

Religious groups, such as the Lollards, had been pushing for reform in the church for several centuries prior to the English reformation. Other than this, the English Catholic Church was strong and healthy. The English clergy were very well educated and had a lot of authority and respect from the people of England. Therefore, the English reformation was mainly caused by the king's emotional life.

In 1527, King Henry requested an annulment from Pope Clement, claiming that his marriage with Catherine of Aragon would cause a civil war because a woman would inherit the throne. When the pope refused to grant Henry an annulment, Henry issued the Act in...