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A Famous philosopher J. Gay Williams once said "Every human has a natural inclination to continue living". In other words, if the body is fighting to survive, we must respect the natural law. Taking lives of other people (euthanasia) is wrong for different reasons; 1.a new cure could be found for many diseases, is morally wrong, and could badly be, taken advantage of.

Living in a modern world, using modern technology and medical equipment, medicine has progressed and exceeded all expectations. Cures are being found, and lives are being saved everyday. Families and loved ones suffer when one is in a critical health condition, perhaps in a coma or is infected by a deadly diesis. But what they don't always realize is that, a lot of people are working on the finding of a cure and improving the life ending situation. And any day or any second this miracle could occur and a new invention and a new cure could be found.

Another reason against this cruel act such as euthanasia is Immorality. From a theological point of view God is our rightful possessor and only He can revert our existence. It should not be up to us or even our loved ones when it is time to leave this world. As long as one's body and soul are fighting this deadly process, we should respect this natural process, no matter the resources and economic aspects that are being spent.

Finally, the most important reason that supports my thoughts on this subject is that people often use things, or in this case lives in a self advantage way. For instance,

If one's life could so easily be taken by them selves or another person, than what value does our life hold after all? If today we...