Ethical Filter Analysis

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Personal Source

Justify the Value's Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.


The foundation of all relationships delivers the expectations of the decision. When making a business related decision the relationship of the individual or corporation plays a key part in the direction of decision and where the companies would like the relationship to evolve to. If there is not a solid foundation in the relationship including all aspects of trust, honesty and dependability then the relationship is corrupt and it is hard to build a loyal relationship in the corporate world and in the personal life.


Honesty is a teaching promoted by all relatives within the family structure. Honesty is something that is hard to establish in a business relationship due to the power struggles of competitors. Once honesty is instilled in the business relationship, it upholds the integrity of the individuals as well as the company structure.

Honesty also plays a key role in your personal relationships.


Reliability is bestowed upon children at a small age to show them that being reliable is a valued asset in business and personal relationships.

Reliability promotes trust within the business relationship and personal relationship. Reliability also ensures a secure relationship in the trade world of business. Without reliability within the business structure promotes unsteady deals, delayed delivers, and competitors advantages.


Trust is bestowed up children through the guiding of their parents and also close friends. Trust is having faith in a product, person or business relationship. Trust provides a comfort in doing business with partners. Trust allows the business or personal relationship to grow tremendously through contracts, agreements, and business plans.


Opinion is something everyone learns to inherit on their own. Opinions provide thorough...