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"Story of an Hour" reveals about the social and historical background of 18th century. "Story of an Hour" is based on the expression of a woman's feelings about her marriage and also the unexpected response to the news of her husband's death in a train accident. Many people consider marriage to be the happiest season of their life since they have one special person they are going to spend together for the rest of their life but this story tells that real inside of marriage back in 18th century was something different from what it is supposed to be and it can also block out one's private privilege or seems to make the women a prisoner of their husbands.

Marriage is referred to as decisions made by a free man and a free woman that reciprocally engage to live with each other. Ironic about the marriage in 18th century is that it breaks the definition of marriage and it sometimes makes a free woman a prisoner.

Nowadays women have a right to give their opinions but back in 18th century, women lacked of self-assertion and couldn't speak to men about their opinions and demanding the rights that they believed they should have. In the Story of an Hour, Mrs. Mallard was descried and referred to as a woman who faced the self-discovery and wanted to have a new life other than being a prisoner of her husband.