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* State that the Trojan War happened but to say that the war was that of the Iliad is somewhat premature due to the lack of solid evidence.

* Site of Hissarlik through archaeological sources and through literary sources (Iliad) has been identified as the Troy of the Iliad. (Troy VII)

Paragraph 1:

* The mound of Hissarlik discovered by Schliemann and Calvert and both consider it to be Troy.

* 9 Layers of Troy + Iliad tell us it must have been there.

* After excavations (dating of sites) there are doubts due to size of Troy VIIa:

-"I am extremely disappointed at being obliged to give so small a plan of Troy" - Schliemann.

-"The very poverty of Troy VIIa makes it less likely an object of a large scale military enterprise" - Nylander

-"Hissarlik doesn't agree with the situation depicted by the Iliad...with streets, houses and palaces" - Carpenter

* Korfmann believes that Hissarlik is Troy.

Paragraph 2:

* Hissarlik is the site due to excavations of Troy VIIa

* They found:

-Fortifications built

-Decline in Mycenaean pottery

* Korfmann excavates (magnetic scan) and finds a ditch which encircles Hissarlik (citadel)

-Schliemann's remorse about size of Troy is proven wrong.

-City can now fit 8000 people!

-Fits purpose of defence

-"People who think there was a Homeric Troy - a city of substantial size and

Population - will be happy with this result" - Korfmann

Paragraph 3

* Evidence of a catastrophic war has been uncovered.

-Arrows and slings found.

-Greek Bronze Age swords are found.

-Horse remains are found - ties with Iliad

-Human remains found in streets etc.

-"It was a city that was besieged. It was a city that defended itself. They lost the war and were obviously defeated"


* Evidence...