English Story about a ghost - Year 7

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Lee rolled out of bed to use the bathroom. Lazily, he made his way down the hall bumping into the wall. His head still hurt from the fall he had the other day. As he flushed the toilet, he thought he saw a shadow go quickly by. It must be because I'm half asleep he thought. Pulling the covers up over his head, he heard a soft whisper, "Lee, help me." He jerked his head up and looked around cautiously. Lee knew there was noone else in the house. "I must of been dreaming." He said to himself.

BUZZ- The alarm clock woke him up at six a.m. Drearily, he got into the shower. He dreaded today. Today, him and his brother and sister would be going through their mother's things. Three weeks ago they suddenly lost their mom in a hit and run. The police were still searching for the person who did it.

Getting into his car, he jerked his head toward the passenger seat. He thought he seen a strange oddly shaped figure, but nothing was there. "It must be all the stress." He said to himself.

As he arrived at his mothers, he noticed that his sister and brother were already inside. "Hey Brenda, hi Tony, how's it going separating mom's things?" "It's actually going a little smoother than I expected." Brenda said. "Mom would have wanted you to have her bed, and some of her other possessions that I already put in this box for you." said Tony. "Who else is here?" Lee asked. "Noone," they both said in unison. "Well, I could of swore I just saw someone go into mom's room."

Lee set his mother's bed up in his room and decided to go through the box at a...