"Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card

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In Enders society children are brought up believing that there are creatures called the "Buggers" that have attacked the humans in the past, so Ender is asked to go to a battle school where young children are trained to be commanders to help fight the war. In Ender's case he has troubles at school for being a "third". At home Ender has a brother that wants to kill him and a sister that really cares for him and protects him. With all that in mind Ender has to make a decision between childhood and family, or patriotism and relief from pain and embarrassment. This choice was made entirely by Ender but was influenced by others.

One of the things that really influenced Enders decision to join the battle school was his school on Earth. In the beginning of the book Ender's chip from the back of his neck was taken out, at the end of class when he was leaving he was stopped by Stilson and his gang, when Ender asked for him to step aside so he could leave Stilson refused, this forced Ender to take drastic measures, which ended up in Ender severely beating him up, after beating him up badly Ender said "You might be having some idea of ganging up on m.

you could probably beat me up pretty bad. But just remember what I do to people who try and hurt me. From then on you'd be wondering when I'd get you, and how bad it would be". After saying that he ran around the corner and cried hoping that after beating up Stilson so badly he wouldn't have to fight anymore of them. Another factor that influenced Ender at school was that he was smarter than everyone else and wanted...