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Many go through life making every attempt to understand as well as lead

their lives through their emotions. However, when looking at emotions, both

negative and positive emotions need to be considered, which for many

represents a whole new perspective. In this essay, we will look at how these

negative and positive emotions interrelate.

We can begin, by looking within the bible itself. "Lamentations is a

depressive lament; Ecclesiastes has similar emotional overtones. Christ himself

experienced the full range of emotions, as the Gospels clearly indicate..." Thus,

we ourselves as mere humans should expect no less as we move through our

own lives.


Emotions, as defined in the Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary

defines emotions as " the effective aspect of consciousness : FEELING b : a

state feeling c : a psychic and physical reaction (as anger or fear)

subjectively experienced as strong feeling physiologally involving changes that

prepare the body for immediate vigorous action"

One of the many lessons I have learned in my life, and continue to learn,

is that my thoughts create my emotions, and my emotions create my behaviors,

and then it circles back around.

Once this cycle begins, it seems almost

impossible to stop. If my thoughts are positive in nature, the results can help me

live my best life. However, if they are negative thoughts, what follows are

negative feelings, followed by negative behaviors. Through this pattern I have

come to realize that I must look at my negativity as an opportunity to grow and

develop .

Our emotions are generally stated as being shaped by our beliefs -- by

what we tell ourselves. Clearly, our religious, cultural and various political

beliefs have not united us. Far too often, in fact, they have tragically and even

fatally divided us. Ignorance and...