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The Freudian view on dreams is basically wish fulfillment. For example, a poor person will dream about having lots of money. Freud also made other well known statements, " wish-fulfilling quality of many dreams may not be readily apparent because the true meaning of the dream may be disguised. "(Weiton, 2004) I believe that this statement is very true in relating to my own personal dreams.

My dream was about a heard of sheep. The adult sheep were watching over all of the baby sheep. They formed somewhat of a perimeter in a circle around all the young sheep. In my dream I had a floating view of all the sheep. Suddenly I notice something odd and stopped for a second. There was a wolf dressed as a sheep and the wolf was very, very well hidden and camouflaged. I barely noticed the difference between the two. The way I was feeling was very uncomfortable and frightened and scared for the young sheep.

I tried to move the wolf by pushing him, but he did not move, he was very strong and solid. The wolf began to turn towards me and I woke up.

I believe that this dream represents that there is somebody in my life right now that is doing the same thing, as in being two-faced or putting up a front to whom they really are or hiding or being somebody that they are not to try and trick me. I am in a period of my life right now where I have a lot of people in my life that I rely on. It would be easy for somebody to be doing that to me right now. There have been times where I question others motives towards me, but I don't follow through in confronting...