'What does re-invention mean to you?'

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Re-invention is the reaction that we, as humans, have in response to the constant change we endure in our lives. As humans we strive for acceptance and this is something that reinvention can provide, which makes the idea seem increasingly more appealing to us. Our circumstances and therefore our attitudes, relations and people's perceptions are constantly changing due to factors such as media, government, social and political issues and thus our individual struggles to find self-definition and justify our place in a world that is founded upon the ideal that as individuals we are willing to re-invent ourselves to become that which is most convenient and adaptable to modern society, in it's state of constant movement.

The ability to reinvent oneself is the first leap from a path to failure onto one of success. In modern living we are accustomed to rapid change, uncertainty and complexity and it acts as the hallmark of our current environment.

It is only with comparison that the human mind becomes able to identify oneself, as "the human impulse is to make sense of each moment by referring it to a larger narrative". We require the standards, expectations and guidelines that are provided to us by today's society to define our place in the world and in ourselves.

The fuel for reinvention is an ultimate dissatisfaction with the way things are, be this on a personal or wider scale. The requisites for reinvention are something to change away from, and an ideal to strive for. If we do not adapt to the societies we live in we fall behind, and are lost to memory.

Plato, a Greek Philosopher once stated, "all is flux, nothing stays still", and was followed by Heraclitus who stated, "the only constant is change". Reinvention acts as a vehicle for growth...