"Do you think that students should have the right to go to the toilet if there is a genuine need, or is it a privilege instead?"

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The call of nature cannot be ignored. No one can tell you to ignore it. You cannot ignore it. Thus, I think that students should have a right to go to the toilet if there is a genuine need.

One reason is that going to the toilet is essential for your health. It is potentially dangerous for your health if you do not go to the toilet regularly.

It is also a socially accepted practice that one can go to the toilet when he or she wants to, as many people find it a basic necessity and cannot be controlled for long periods of time. Like in the movie "Driving Mrs Daisy", Morgan Freeman delivers nearly his only line in the movie: "I'm a grown man Miss Daisy, and I'm gonna make water if I need to." It is a need, therefore it is a right.

However, some may say that one cannot be sure if there is really a genuine need for going to the toilet.

Only the person himself will know the truth. Then that is based on the student's integrity. If the right is abused, then there may be a reason to revoke it, at the owner's discretion.

Another argument is that the owner of the facilities can deny anyone the use of his facilities to anyone he wishes except maybe a co-owner of the facilities. The owner has the final say, even though it is your right to go to the toilet if you need to. But regardless it is still a right, but since it is another person's property, you may have to find another toilet, even though it infringes your rights.

Based on the argument above, I feel that I students should have a right to go to the toilet if there is...