How do you think the Indian media reports on Developmental Issues?

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The Indian media, with corporatization has become extremely arrogant and selfish. Most newspapers, like TOI and HT give coverage to news that will ensure them advertisers, and earn themselves revenue, rather than covering issues of development which India should be giving importance to, being a poverty-stricken country. The leading newspapers of the media media know that the public that is literate and actually subscribes to their papers do not want to read about the lives of the less fortunate and lifestyle, etc and if they start giving coverage to them, the public will not buy their papers, and this will lead to a loss in their revenue. The media is often criticized for doing so, but cannot be entirely blamed. After all, in today's world, we all want to earn money. Survival of the fittest is the ideology followed. The general attitude is if there are people less fortunate than us then it's their problem.

If there are people poorer than us, so what?

There are also people more fortunate. We would much rather read about the lifestyles of the rich and famous that we desire to follow, and if they don't care about the poor, why should we? We imitate them in every way. On the other hand, most of us do care about them, but feel that we cannot help them, so we would much rather ignore tribal news, thinking "7 tribals die in Orissa, what's new?" As the media has the power to reach the masses, it should continue giving space to issues of developmental concerns, and continue inform us about them, till we actually get around to helping them out of their destitution. It is not only the disadvantaged section- the poor, the tribals, the villagers, and women among whom this sentiment is shared, but...