Divorce. How can we prevent divorces? What can the government do?

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When people first meet and fall in love they feel like everything is wonderful. When they think of their future together, it's filled with the smell of roses. But sometimes, life ends up differently for them. Sometimes it's just the thorns they feel. Lots of couples argue and fight over little things. Many wonder whether all the fighting is worth keeping their marriage together or even normal. Is there hope for their marriage?

Divorce has become very common. Usually it's just because marriage has become a task. One researcher says, "Compared to years ago, people today pay less value on obligation to other, on sacrifice, and on self-restraint. We place more value on individualism, on self-expression and self-realization, and on personal choice" (Galston 4). These changes occurred because people's principles have changed. We are more accepting of divorce today than we were years ago.

Gray believes that many marriages in trouble can be saved and a successful marriage all depends on the husband and wife working together.

He also says that sometimes love is easy and other times it needs effort. We shouldn't expect to always be loving and we need to be understanding when we don't know how to be loving (285-286).

Couples need to be provided with the tools they need to keep their relationship strong. I think there are three ways we can prevent or lessen our chances of divorce. The first step occurs before marriage, the second during marriage, and the third at the beginning of divorce.

Statistics and Facts

It's pretty obvious that the divorce rate is very high and continuing to grow. According to "The Divorce Center", "In 1998 2.2 million couples were married and 1.1 million couples divorced. In 2000, 58 million couples were married yet separated". It's also proven in this...