How did the texts you studied help shape your definition of change

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Change is such a simple word, yet so hard to define, because everybody sees it as something different. But one thing that is common in every definition of change is that no one can prevent it, live without it, or go a day without experiencing it. I studied two sources (a book and a movie) relating to change. The novel I chose is 'Looking for Alibrandi' by Melina Marchetta. And the movie is "Remember the Titans" starring Denzel Washington.

'Looking for Alibrandi' is a book written in the perspective of a seventeen year old girl, Josephine Alibrandi. Josie is in her final year of school and she has to deal with her mum and grandma, HSC, love, meeting her father for the first time and losing a friend. The novel shows Josie's change of perspective towards everything in her life and how it came about. All the struggles and experiences she had to go through changes her and the way she thinks.

Josie's dad in the novel says to her "People change and circumstances change them." The book taught me that when someone can no longer change their circumstances, they are challenged to change themselves.

'Remember the Titans' is a movie set in an American town called Alexandria and it's about the T.C. Williams High School Gridiron team, the Titans. The movie is set in 1971 which is the time of integration. Coach Boone, an African-American, is appointed new head coach of the Titans, because the board was forced to integrate and all-black school with an all-white school, and to divide the staff equally between the two races. The Titans are shocked to find that their new coach and team-mates are African-American and hell breaks loose in the entire school, with brawls breaking out everyday. But...