"The Diary of Anne Frank"

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Anne Frank was born on June 19th 1929. She was a young German Jewish girl. Her father's name was Otto Frank; her mother's name was Edith Frank and her sister was Margot Frank. When Anne was eleven years old she grew up without care. Anne always dreamed of becoming a writer or a movie star. They all had to wear yellow stars on their clothes. The yellow star was the Star of David. Every Jewish person had to wear one of these. One day they forced Otto Frank out of his job because they had to go into hiding. Anne had to turn in her bike, she couldn't go to a Dutch school anymore, or go to the movies or ride in automobile. She wouldn't even be able to see her friends anymore.

In July of 1942 at 5:00 in the morning they had to go into hiding.

They had to hurry and put as many clothes on as they could. They couldn't use suitcases because it would look to suspicious. The hiding place was upstairs where Otto Frank used to work. There were three other people coming with them. There were Mrs. Van Dann, Mr. Van Dann, and their son named Peter and his cat named Mouschi.

The annex had 6 rooms. Mrs. Van Dann and Mr. Van Dann had their own room because they can't sleep together and they argue too much. Mr. and Mrs. Frank shared rooms and Anne, Margot, and Peter had their own rooms. The Secret Annex was raided with the Gruune Polizei {Security Police.} There was a German couple named Miep and Mr. Kraler. They would sneak up there and give them food and tell them what was going on. They were all really scared and didn't know what was going to...