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Aim: To demonstrate osmosis.

Prediction: I think that the water in the tube will rise, due to osmosis.

Materials: Two 1 litre beakers, clamp stand, two glass tubes, elastic bands, two pieces of dialysis tubing, sugar syrup, food coloring.

Observations: The water level of the tube went up over time. The water seeped through the tubing and all of the water turned blue.


Time Cm

11:15 - 0

11:20 - 2

11:30 - 7

11:40 - 10

11:50 - 16

12:00 - 21

12:10 - 26

12:20 - 32

12:30 - 37

Conclusion: Osmosis did occur in this lab, and it occurred too well, as all of the water turned blue.


1. a) The level of liquid in the glass tube went up as osmosis occurred

b) I did predict that the water in the tube would rise.

3. The water moved into the bags and you can tell this because the water level rose.

4. Water can move into the bag, but sugar can not move out because it is cannot do osmosis.

5. The dialysis tubing is a semi-permeable membrane, like a cell membrane.

6. I think that the water in the beaker would go through the bag, but not all of the solution would go through, because of the sugar.

7. The alcohol made not all be digested the night when drinking, so some is still in your stomach. When you drink water, the alcohol goes through your body again.

8. If you drink a strong beverage on a hot day, it de-hydrates you and you will get thirstier.

9. During the pickling process, food is preserved in brine or vinegar creating an undesirable environment for the growth of bacteria, so the food stays fresh.