Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper

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This paper will discuss the decision making model created by Edward de Bono, named the Six Thinking Hats and how this decision-making tool would have improved productivity and increase of sales in one pharmaceutical company's region.

Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper

To be successful in the business world one must have good decision making skills. In order to be an effective leader these skills need to be learned and executed in a timely fashion. He or she can lead a team to spectacular and a well-deserved success with the proper decision making tools. If he or she makes poor decisions the team is put at risk for failure and one's time as a leader will be more than likely short- lived.

Critical thinking is an integral part of making sound decisions in the business place. Everything we do is affected by the quality of how we think. As we become better skilled in structuring an argument, judging the credibility of a source we become more effective in communication, analysis and leadership.

There are many decision making models to utilize in the business environment. The Six Thinking Hats is one of these models. This model is used to look at decisions from many important perspectives. This technique forces one to move outside his or her habitual thinking pattern and helps one to get a more rounded view of a situation. Edward de Bono developed this tool in his book titled '6 Thinking Hats'. Mr. de Bono (1995) says that creative thinking should be part of critical thinking. He developed the six hat thinking system to accomplish this thinking process.

There are six "hats" the thinker can put on or take off. The first hat is the white hat which focuses on available data, past trends and any gaps in the...