Debate speech supporting euthanasia

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As you have already been told, euthanasia is the process of helping somebody to commit suicide. And we believe that this idea is perfectly okay, because the person who wants to have the right of euthanasia, has to be suffering a lot. And if we look at the situation in a legal aspect, we can see that it is possible/better to legalize euthanasia.

First of all, most of the laws around the world state that a person who is terminally ill should have the right to die. Some of the laws were defining "terminally ill" people as people who have less than six months to live. However, those laws were changed, because it's known that the more that person will live, the more he/she will suffer. If they know that they're going to live in pain for a longer time, we believe that they have to have a right such as euthanasia.

Secondly, I'd like to state that the government hasn't got the right to keep a person suffering. People shouldn't be forced to stay alive, that's why they have the right to commit suicide. Even if there are laws forbidding suicide, I'd like you to think this way: the right of living is not given by the law. So, why should the right of death be taken by it? Even in the paranormal conditions, it's illegal to interfere with the right of living. That's why there is something as "the right to die". It's one of our basic rights.

I want to take your attention to another point. Would it be that bad to legalize euthanasia? I mean there won't be any vast problems that may occur in the case of legalized euthanasia. Let me make myself clear. If euthanasia becomes legalized...