Dearest _____- A Love Poem

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When I Think Of You

I Cannot Help Feeling Happy

Your Beauty

Only Surpasses

Your Wonderful Personality

You Are My One And Only

Let Me Count The Ways Of My Affection

Your Body

Is The Flowing Fountain Of Youth

Your Lips

Are The Sun-Kissed Roses Growing In The Great Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

Your Smile

Is The Finest Pearls In The Sea

Your Hands

Are The Precious Gems Of The Earth

Whilst Your Feet

Are The Finest Land

Your Skin

Is The Most Beautiful Hand-Woven Silk In The Land

Your Eyes

Are Deep Caves Of Gemstone

Your Laughter

Is The Singing Of Birds After A Spring Rain

Your Voice

Is The Warm Summer Breeze In The Trees

Giving Comfort To All Who Come In Contact With It

To Me You Are Perfect In Every Way

What I See In You Is Life

The Life I Need

And Just As In Dealing With Life

I Could Never Live Without You