DBQ #1 Contrast and compare Nubian and Egyptian societies

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The Nubians defined social status according to wealth and power. Those with great wealth became a higher social class. In early China, marked social status was given to the wise and knowledgeable. The rulers of China had connections with the religious aspects of the Chinese culture. In both cultures, the wise and powerful were given great social status, and were able to control the ways of the people.

Documents 1, 2, and 6 can all be grouped into the category pertaining to Nubian culture. Documents 1 and 2 both show the Egyptians' great excitement at the wealth coming out of Nubia. Document 1 illustrates the Nubians bringing gold to Egypt. As it was painted on an Egyptian tomb, it demonstrates the Egyptians' respect for the Nubians and their wealth. Document 2 tells of a pharaoh's excitement when he heard of the coming of a Nubian trader. This too shows their respect for even a mere trader, in regards to his exotic goods.

Both of these documents show the point of view of the Egyptian higher-class when dealing with the Nubians. Document 6 is from a Nubian architect's point of view, because it was sculpted in a temple. It portrays the effect Egyptians had on Nubian culture, because the royals in the image were wearing Egyptian clothing, even though the lion-head deity was Nubian. The architect obviously saw Egyptians as a source of great cultural influence.

Documents 3, 4, and 5 all have to do with Chinese culture, and can be grouped in that way. Documents 3 and 4 have images to aid in understanding the content. Document 3 shows that the elite class of the Chinese were those who could communicate with the spirits, and could perform rituals. Document 4 demonstrates that diviners could receive messages from...