A Critical View of James Patterson and his book "The Big Bad Wolf"

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Around the world people have heard of the astonishing books written by James Patterson. He has not only made the headlines as the author of more than a dozen books, including two mini-series, but he has also been recognized as the person behind the ideas of many Hollywood hits.

One of Patterson's books in particular, "The Big Bad Wolf" ( Little, Brown and Company, 2004), portrayed a character by the name of Alex Cross, that has been in one of Patterson's mini-series. In this book, Cross is a D.C. detective who has recently been recruited by the FBI for having captured two psychopathic murderers. After being with the FBI for only a few days, he is taken out of his orientation classes and put to work on a high profile case. It seems that a lot of high class, young, and attractive women have been recently abducted across the United States.

After being abducted, these women are being trafficked into the hands of various "customers" in different countries by a kingpin of crime known only as the Wolf.

Patterson has a unique way of keeping his readers amused and intrigued with the story, scene switching. For example, Patterson writes about the main character in a particular scene in one chapter, and then totally switches to another character, that is supplemental to the story, in a totally different setting in the next chapter. This technique allows the reader to picture what one character is doing at one point in the story, while also allowing them to know what another character is doing at the same time. Patterson also uses powerful vocabulary, coupled with extensive care to detail, when it comes to describing a setting, to facilitate a fluent transition through well-developed scenes.

Patterson's books appeal to a variety...