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The morning sun peered over the emerald green mountains and shone majestically onto the rolling green pains below.

How astoundingly beautiful the landscape is, thought Adrian. The engine of the light plane buzzed loudly as Adrian reflected upon his 50 years of residence at Melui valley. He had lived here since he was 25, and could not come to grips with the fact that he was now on a plane flying away fro his picturesque home, probably never to return. He sighed deeply, and forced himself to tear his eyes from the window.

Melui valley was a quiet, peaceful town located at the south west of the Himalayan range. Just recently, the local governing council had declared that the area was to be developed for commercial use. All the residents were told they had to pack and leave within two weeks of the notice. Adrian Boler couldn't understand why Melui valley was wanted as commercial land- it was rather rugged terrain, and was very isolated from the rest of the area.

He believed that the government was most likely going to log the area, declaring it commercial land to keep out frustrating international journalists who loved to report on the 'anti-environmental acts of the Tibetan government.

He loved the crisp, fresh mountain air, the brilliant green fields, and the delightful forest filled with charming animals. He was to move to a retirement village about 200 km away from where he lived now. Adrian wanted to stop the government from moving him out- he had protested by remaining in the town-he was the last to leave. But several officers soon found him and told him to pack and then took him to the airport. He didn't know how he was going to live in a retirement home filled with unfamiliar...