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What is courage? Is it the huge adrenaline rush one feels when doing something? Is it something one does and others cannot or will not do? Is it the feel of going into battle facing death and victory at the same time? Is it going to a Casino, risking one's life fortune for double or nothing? In fact, courage is all of these factors put into one. These are all different types of courage.

The Oxford dictionary defines 'Courage' as:

1. The ability to do something that frightens one.

2. Strength in the face of pain or grief

These definitions portray courage as the ultimate greatness of doing something, which others cannot do or look danger in the eye! Going into war and facing danger, is an example of courage. Not being afraid of dying, like the Queen of England, who refused to flee to safety during the German Blitzkrieg, is another form of courage, which receives admiration.

Going to a Casino and betting one's life fortune takes a lot of courage, because one moment you have the money and the next moment you could lose it all or you could triple the amount, if you are lucky. This scenario of courage reflects an avoidable and rash risk taking.

A person gets excited, feels the adrenaline flowing through their body and does something out of character. While many people may regard such actions as insane, it is actually courage flowing through that person's body.

Many of the simple things in life constitute a lot of courage. Delivering a talk on stage in front of many people from a podium just like a school headmaster does everyday takes a lot of courage and character. Giving presentations in an office to clients also requires courage, because the client's decision to...