The Costume of the Victorian Age

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Ladies: They have fancy clothes, and they are longer than ours.

It was really rude to show your ankle in that time.

Rich peoples clothes were usually made out of

Expensive material such as colourful silk and velvet. Here hats usually went well with their clothes. Victorian Ladies had underwear to make the dresses stick out called crinolines.

Gentlemen: A fashionable man wore a frock coat, tight trousers, and a waist-coat, all in dark material. He had long hair and lots of whiskers. Gentlemen wore top hats and people with a little less money wore bowlers.

Servants: Their clothes weren't as fancy as the rich peoples and the colours were very dull such as cream, beige, brown and black. The men usually wore cloth caps.

Children's Clothes

Young children:

Until boys were four or five, they wore dresses like girls. One day Victoria ordered that a sailor suit should be made for her eldest son Edward (known as Bertie) This soon became the new fashion and all the children were wearing one.

Older Children

Older girls wore short dresses with full skirts and over the skirt a pinafore with pockets. Boys of school age wore shirts, Knickerbockers long socks boots and a cap.