Consumerism: And the effect on American People.

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"You work in a job you hate, to buy stuff that you don't need, to impress people that you don't like." - Unknown

Consumerism is slowly, yet surely, pulling our freedoms farther and farther out of reach. It is much more difficult now to get used to the American culture, than it has ever been. The advances in technology, society, marketing, and economics have made America not a place for an American dream but, a working nightmare.

The ability to get information across to millions in the blink of an eye is incredible. The ever growing number of pleasant conveniences in the 1950s was also beneficial. Then all of a sudden cars were introduced, and the grueling erosion of mass transit occurred. The ever growing availability of consumer credit (which then leads to immense debt), and the over-dependence on labor-saving devices are both major factors why our country is so hard to get used to.

Not to mention, the importation of cheap goods, and the disappearance of manufacturing jobs! These new ways of life have transformed the American culture, into one of "Consumerism!"

Consumerism is the chronic purchasing of services and new materials with little attention to their true need. In most every other country people use what is needed when it's needed and that's all! We waste a lot of things in America a lot of time, money, and energy all are wasted because we give up to easily, or get bored to quickly. Materialism and meaninglessness is one of the end results of consumerism.

Yet, consumerism is now considered part of the American culture, and it is very difficult to get used to at first. People just moving to the United States from foreign countries will have a very difficult time adjusting to this culture.