How Computer Technology Changed My Life

Essay by amethyst21 September 2006

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Upon graduation from high school, 25 years ago, I chose Information Technology as my course of study at the local community college. At the time BASIC I was being taught in the first year of the program. The course instructor at the time happened to be a fill in professor (he was a Radio Shack salesperson!) I was unable to grasp the concepts from his instruction. I concluded that the field was not for me, my interest in school dwindled and I stopped attending after only a year. I did not realize how wrong I was in my assumption and how far I would eventually come. Computer technology would one day completely change my life for the better.

Eight years ago I spent my days asking customers how they would like their eggs cooked and what type of bread they would like them on. Luckily for me, my school age children

demanded I buy a computer so they could have what some of the other children in their class had.

Although money was an issue, I managed to provide our family with a first computer.

In the beginning I did not even know how to turn the "thing" on. I have progressed from having the mouse ripped from my hand by an impatient tutor to a much different scenario. Today, I spend my days in front of a computer in a government office. Entering data, processing insurance claims, and billing, are just a few of my job duties. I interact with Administrators, Department Heads, lawyers, and many other professional people. I now have health insurance, deferred compensation, pension, etc. I have even returned to school! No, today I do not write computer programs. But considering how far I have come, who what the future may hold for me.