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Migrants are the people who make Australia a booming multicultural society. However there are many disadvantages for this group of people. The Status of migrants under Australian law, the mechanisms available for migrants to achieve justice and the effectiveness of the legal system to respond to this disadvantage are all factors which influence the lifestyle of migrants. Australia has come a long way for achieving equality for migrants.

Various Categories of migrants

To become a permanent resident of Australia, there are to categories which are looked at in the immigration process:

* Permanent residence

* Temporary residence (E.g. study, tourists)

Migrants are separated into four different groups for permanent residence in Australia:

* family sponsored

* independent

* refugees/ humanitarian

* Illegal migrants

A Family sponsored migrant is a person that is given the right to migrate over to Australia because they have family members that sponsor them for example, you could be migrating to get married to your fiancé or to be with your parents as you are dependent on them.

An independent migrant can only migrate to Australia if they agree to contribute in Australia's economic and national welfare. For example they must get a job and work in the Australian society.

Refugees/humanitarian migrants are people who migrate to Australia from their home country because they are suffering from discrimination from their religion or nationality.

These migrants must provide proof prior to entering Australian land.

Illegal migrants are people that come to Australia without permission and are forced to return to their home country if the do not then they would stay in Australia as prisoners as they are not citizens of Australia.

Disadvantages faced by migrants

Migrants have experienced many disadvantages throughout the past few decades in various areas. The economic disadvantages for migrants include exploitation...