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Any forms of news are shaped to make the viewer or reader have the same beliefs and values as the person who made it. This makes all sources of news selected representations because they are trying to make you feel the same way about an event as them. To gain a full appreciation of a news issue, it is necessary to view a wide range of sources so that you would get a better understanding on the issue. The reason why it is like this is because each news source represents the issue in a certain way so they can position you to think the way they want you to.

The WIN news is biased towards the Australians stuck over in Lebanon. It shows that it is biased by not showing any interviews with Israel or Hezbollah representatives. The only people that seem to get interviewed are the Australian people that were trapped over in Southern Lebanon.

The story focuses on Israel's push into Lebanon and the Australians that got rescued during the cease fire. When the news reporter says,

"Australia takes advantage of the break in the bombing but that break is already over"

Israel had only given a short time of cease fire to give people in the bomb stricken areas time to leave. At the end of the sentence the news reporter says, but that break is already over, makes the viewer think that the Israeli forces didn't give the people enough time to leave and that they don't care who is trapped in the areas they bomb. The reporter then says "civilians in south Lebanon are 'desperate' and 'angry'"

With the words 'desperate' and 'angry' the people in southern Lebanon are in need of support and transport out of the area and are angry that their...