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It's a difficult undertaking for someone from generation to watch a film like "Citizen Kane". Not because it is old or boring, but because it suppose to be the single best motion picture ever made. It stands as AFI's number one move of all time. I have never watched Citizen Kane before so I looked forward to finally seeing it. I must admit overall I thought it was a somewhat disappointing experience.

I'm not saying that I thought Citizen Kane was a bad film. Everything I read about was there, but what can you say about the cinematography and direction and acting, that have not already been said? The acting, the lighting, the camera angles, the new visual techniques and trick photography, it's all there. Just don't expect to be on the edge of your seat for two hours.

As a first-time viewer, I knew from its reputation that there must be something that separates this movie from all the others, something buried within its simple plotline that everybody else has seen, but that I just could not seem to get a handle on.

No matter how great of a movie Citizen Kane really is, it can never live up to one's expectations. Although I do feel that it is deserving of its acclamation, the constant exposure to its six decades worth of hype and praise will invariably set most modern viewers' standards at a height that is virtually unreachable, even if it really is the best movie of all time.