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Characteristics of Latter Day Saints:

97 percent of Latter-day Saints over age thirty have married

Latter-day Saints marry early. Forty-five percent of LDS women and 23 percent of LDS men have married by age nineteen. By age twenty-one 74 percent of LDS women and 49 percent of LDS men have married

LDS Church members tend to be middle class in terms of education, occupation, and income.

About one in five LDS families has an income less than $10,000 per year, while 15 percent earn more than $50,000 per year.

LDS doctrine prohibits the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other addictive drugs. Among adults and adolescents, usage rates are considerably lower among Latter-day Saints than among other religious groups.

Why did they choose the name latter day saints?

When the church was organized in 1830 it was called the "Church of Christ", it was also referred to as the "church of Latter Day Saints". They follow the New Testament convention in which the early followers of Christ were called Saints. "Saints" meaning holy in Greek. "Latter- Day" was the last major era before the coming of Christ.

According to Latter-day Saint theology, the term Mormon refers to a prophet who lived in the Americas in the 4th century A.D. He was called to compile the records of his people and their dealings with God into a single book. This book is now known as the book of Mormon.

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Beliefs of Mormons:

A true Mormon is a true Christian.

It is essential that all Mormons accept Joseph Smith as a prophet of god.

Most Mormons should be familiar with the "thirteen articles of faith", written by Joseph Smith. This contains everything the Mormons believe in.

*10% of all earnings should be paid to the church, called...