Choose two contrasting magazine front covers and explain how they are trying to appeal to their audiences.

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The two contrasting magazine front covers that have been chosen are 'Test Drive', which is a magazine that is designed to appeal to those interested in motoring, as well as people who are looking to buy a new car. However, 'Amateur Gardening', the second magazine front cover chosen, is targeted at an audience who wish too gain ideas from the experts.

The magazine 'Test Drive' aims to target car buyers who are often aspiring executives. In this particular case, a couple of family cars are shown as the main image. These would appeal to whoever buys the family runabout. On the other hand the 'Amateur Gardening' magazine is likely to appeal to older audiences but is also designed to attract younger people, who might only have a window box but might despite to greater things, even if that entails making it a very attractive window box.

Whereas 'Test Drives' target audience would react favourably to 4 by 4s, Jaguars and Audis, 'Amateur Gardening' relies more on a representational cover. The use of a lily represents 'summer bulbs' in general. The sleek silver and the metallic blue sports cars described as 'Supercool, Superfast' appeal to aspiring executives who stereotypically see such cars as symbols of their success.

The background image used in the 'Amateur Gardening' has a blurred effect on the picture but also has sharp edges on the main attraction. The arrow, which focuses on the background image, entitles that the free bulbs on offer, will end up being as beautiful as the digitally manipulated image of the lily. By using the free bulbs technique and suggesting that the free bulbs on offer will end up looking like the attractive background picture, the magazine is tempting the buyer to purchase the magazine.