Children at work during the Victorians

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Children at Work in the Industry

Children as young as four years old, worked in very dangerous factories. As children grew older, they did many different jobs in factories, which were often very hard and dangerous. If they didn't do their work very well they were beaten.

Children at work in the countryside

In Victorian times lots of people still lived in the countryside, so children still had to work there. In Spring they had to pull out all the weeds and scare away the birds. In Summer, they helped with harvesting corn and in Autumn they had to pick potatoes and look after the pigs. In Winter they had to pick out all the stones so the ploughs would not get damaged.

Children at Work in the Workhouse

In Victorian times, there were many very poor people who had to work in the workhouse. They were so cramped that if there was a disease it would spread quickly.

What the Victorians did for us

After 64 years the Victorians left us many inventions and reforms............

With the first stamp (the penny black) was invented, people received letters every day; but by the end of the Victorian era if people wanted to talk to others more quickly, they would use the phone.

They invented the penny-farthing (an old type of bicycle); it had a large wheel at the front (the penny) and a small wheel at the back, (the farthing). It was called a penny-farthing because in Victorian times a penny was a very large coin and the farthing was a very small coin, (a farthing is a quarter of a penny, which was half a halfpenny - pronounced haypenny - which was quite small).

They let us take photographs so we could remember others and made it possible...