A Cheater in the Midst

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This happened over a span of five years. We started noticing my father was acting weird. He would come home very late. My mom, being the good wife that she is, always waited for him to come home. She would spend restless nights waiting for him to come home. When my father would finally decide to arrive at the house, my mother would receive him with his cup of coffee, a plate of "frijoles," and a massage for his feet. Little did we know that all this would take its toll.

One rainy October day, we were all inside the house just spending time together. Around this time is when everyone in the family had cell phones. A middle-aged woman calls my brother's cell phone out of nowhere. My brother answers, and starts asking who she is. The lady on the phone starts saying that it's none of his concern and wanted to talk to my father. She said not to worry, she was just his girlfriend. We all of a sudden jumped to conclusions and said what's going on. My father negated everything and just left in his truck. He didn't come back that night. When he decided to return he acted like nothing had happened and said he didn't know who that was. Time went by and we forgot all about this incident. We kept on living our normal lives unknowingly of what was to come.

My father followed in his weird footsteps and we thought nothing about them. He started taking what he called "long business trips" away form home. Since the last incident happened my dad cut all the cell phones off, so we had no form of communication while he was away. He would take several of them a month, and they would...