Censorship? It doesn't affect me? Or I'm not into any of that stuff. Am I right?

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According to the Oxford reference dictionary, censorship means the power to suppress parts of books, films, letters, news and etc. on grounds of obscenity, and risk to security. To our daily knowledge or in Laymen's terms, censorship is cutting out scenes that some of us do not consider to be violent or yet obscene and has always been done more towards the movies or the music that most of us listen to. 18SG, 18SX , is used in Malaysia for the censorship terms as also other nations take for example the United States, where films are rated PG for parenting guide and T for teens.

Nowadays, even computer or console games are also censored and moreover, some are banned in other nations. Based on my readings for which I myself think and others may also agree with me is the fact that Malaysia is a country with one of the strictest censorship board in the world on television shows, the silver screens, books, and music.

Major Hollywood blockbusters for example, Austin Powers, The Prince of Egypt, TV shows such as Sex And The City, Music videos and even theater plays have either been banned or tightly censored. The board has little or yet no tolerance at all for nudity, harsh language, violence and religious themes in movies. Here in Malaysia, films are rated so that the nature of the content is deemed righteous for audiences and banned if deemed inappropriate. I as a human being, as a student, feel that there is absolutely no need for the tight censorship in Malaysia or in any other nations. When one goes to the movies to catch a film for example Die Hard, or The Hostage, surely a scene depicting the gunning down of a person through the head, slashing of...