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Question 1. Describe how you think Wernie Will

a)make sure that the way he manages the hotel is appropriate to the way it competes for business

For get a biggest development, and get more success, Penang Mutiara has to:

- Expand its business in other areas to acquire more market shares against other high-class and strong competitors in the whole Asia region, or even in the world;

- Offer the differentiation, high standard quality and characteristic hotel services, and comfortable environment for customers.

- Pitch itself as an "up-market" end hotel business that targets customers are those who are high income and high consuming individuals, and the high class business and political unions or organizations.

b) implement any change in strategy

- Through concession and alliance with other business such as tour companies, ocean & safari theme park, movie companies, golf or car club, complete set of hotel industry which is gathering tour, amusement, business exploiture, relaxation together.

- Complete foundational services, such as transporting line services; wireless internet;

- Diversifying its services to satisfy different demands of customers, such as offering difference holiday traveling packages; seasoning conference market different packages; diversified types of foods.

- Develop automatic system to offer, services and payment

- Form registering membership with loyal consumers who can be offered more free services or good price and receiving the latest promotion information.

- Expand existing business to developing e-business; alliance other hotels in other areas;

c) develop his operation so that it drives the long-term strategy of the hotel

- Building and developing hotel website, including introduction of hotel services, traffic map, resource and promotion information, booking on line, requirement and feedback of customer, online payment.

- Continues improvement for whole operation developing to match the market requirements in operations decisions and long time strategy,