Case study of Cranston Nissan

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Question 1 Categorize the quality problems in this case


1. promised to call customer about the status of the job but never did.

2. caused customer to take several long trips to pick up the car without offering a loaner car.

3. delivered car to customer with service problem not corrected.


1. fixed one problem, but then created another.

2. gives body shop customer low priority in the repair shop.

3. could not repair car when promised.


1. lacks coordination between departments.

2. has no one in charge, but rather, many employees are involved with the customer.

3. involves ordering needed parts late.

Product appearance

1. indicates that exterior parts are not replaced properly after job is completed.

2. reveals interior parts damaged by personnel.

3. shows car received a poor wash job.

This categorization can be represented by a cause-and-effect diagram. There are two primary causes for these problems.

First, management has lost control of the very thing the company should excel in - customer service. No one is responsible for coordinating problems within two departments. Second, the company lacks a "quality culture"; employees should pride themselves in solving problems for the customer. An example of the lack of a quality culture is the actions of the employee who brought the car with obvious defects to the customer three times.

Question 2 what are the probable causes of so many mishaps

- Maybe somebody carelessly made mistake forgetting to recover the molding, breaking the rearview mirror of the car, or carelessly forgetting to recover it.

- The car had already used for long time, May be has some potential damages were not easy found out. The mechanical show the problems, maybe didn't find out before.

- Maybe there were less of requirements for reporting each process.