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Most of us have experienced problems with timing and scheduling at one time or another. When we think we have more than enough time we tend to procrastinate and before we know it things catch up with us which causes unneeded frustration that could have been prevented. The case of Carl Robins in this study is no different from any other cases where people run out of time. Through analysis we will see how some of Carl's frustration could have been prevented and what could have made this case run smoother. I was able to find the problems by just asking a few simple questions.

For starters why did Carl think it was necessary to take on so many new recruits on his first recruitment effort? It would have been better to start off with a smaller number of recruits like 5 or 8 for his first venture. This would have allowed Carl more time to make sure everything was on order and given him some practice.

After a couple of small groups Carl could then start recruiting more because he would have the experience to handle a larger group. If I could have suggested something to Carl it would be for him to make a time line or set goals for himself.

Carl scheduled an appointment for June 15 and never followed up to make sure it was clear for his set date. The orientation is one of the most important processes when hiring new personal and this should have been at the top of Carl's list if he wanted the recruits to start by July. When Monica contacted Carl on May 15 he should have called and made sure that his room was reserved for his specified date. After Carl spoke to Monica he should have also made...