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The use of new innovative functions to create a new standard Car quest will use the Internet and many resources that couples with today's media sources. For instance, Car quest runs a Busch series race stated CARQUEST 300 which they run major promotion through television media the NASCAR Busch series website and their own sponsored race car driven by Kyle Busch. Another outlet of promotion is through Hendricks Motor sports that Car quest is the Official Auto Parts supplier. This outlet only may reach a small part of the public through different promotions and advertisement Car quest can reach millions of car enthuses. New promotions can stat will searching Car buffs web blogs; for instance Car where over one million registered car nuts go to describe their car, what parts they have, rating each other on performance, looks, and speed. By buy banners or becoming a sponsor of the website can give Car quest and advantage within this market; meaning if people see your banner every fifteen seconds on the website then they might be interested in what exactly Car quest is selling.

Speaking of blogs there is a well known widely used blog that many people use for communication purposes today. Myspace, Myspace was created as a stand along blog where people can show their own personality to the world. Now everyone in the world even movie studios putting out upcoming movie leaks or give specific trailers on their Myspace page; also different music groups, athletes, television shows, stores, and fans of sports create and design their own Myspace page to attract and give knowledge of their product or themselves. Car quest and Myspace can be used in such ways as advertising through banners, designing of a fan page for Kyle Busch, joining different groups to...