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Right now I'm currently where I want to be career wise, but before the University of Phoenix and my BS degree in Information Technology. I was just an average desktop support technician with nothing but experience under my belt. There was no room for expansion on my end and I was at the top peak to where I can go without a degree. So I will discuss where I was before my career started.

My last job which was not even a week ago was actually at the exhaustion to my career point before I had obtained my degree. There was no advancements, growth, and being potentially hired on as a full time employee. It was just a contract that was going to last no more than three years. That really pushed me very hard and made me very determined to obtain my degree.

I did not want to see myself doing regular desktop support for the rest of my life.

I did notice with my own perceptions that most people in my line of work that did not have degrees, a good percentage of them did not have full time permanent jobs. They all have been doing contract jobs through out their whole careers, and that I refuse to picture myself doing.

So this brings me to where I want to be which is where I'm at right now. As of Monday July 10, 2006, I started off my career with a very well known company here in southern California. Without my degree from University of Phoenix, I would have never been able to walk through the company doors for an interview. The position actually did advance me in my career, but to the entry level of growth and expansion within. I was able to apply the knowledge...