Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment is a difficult issue and there are as many different opinions as

there are people. Many people of our state are filled with fear, frustration, anger, and feelings of powerlessness. I believe capital punishment is not harsh for cold blooded murders, and I think they should be out of our lives.

If someone is lined up for execution then he or she more than likely deserve it. He or she have caused a great deal of grief to the family and friends of the victim or victims and it seems like the only way justice could be served is for the criminal to die. For the person to simply go to jail seems unfair. In prison they will eat three meals a day, get to watch cable television and be friends with other inmates. They live a pretty decent life in prison and they don't deserve it. Justice must be served, and placing murderers in prison isn't a tough enough punishment.

In jail they would have a possible chance for parole. If they happen to make it back out to the world, who's to say he or she wouldn't kill again. If the murderers were sentenced to death the first time they were convicted, then innocent lives would not have been wasted. By executing the murderers the first time a round justice will be served. Therefore, the punishment would fit the crime and the victim's family and society would be helped knowing one less murderer is out in the streets.

Capital punishment must be the standard by which each and every state must legalize it. If we cannot join together and defeat crime, it will most certainly take us over. We can no longer sit and let our lives be terrorized. No longer can we sit back and...