How Can We Combat Stereotypes in Canada?

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In a world where radical opinions and conservative thoughts both exist contemporarily, stereotypes often occur unconsciously around us. Stereotypes are the negative or limiting preconceived beliefs about a certain type of person that is applied to everyone in that group. They are inevitable nowadays, but it is possible to prevent or even eliminate them. In order to combat stereotypes in Canada, we need to change the seemingly incorrigible prejudiced thoughts in mind, create equal opportunity for everyone, and prove the stereotyped assumptions wrong.

Being one of the hardest things to achieve in society, changing people's prejudiced thoughts is what we should all be aware of its importance and effects. Why do stereotypes exist? Very often, people are not willing to change their mind about something. We all usually insist on our own opinions because our decisions are remarkably biased. We usually do not instantly put ourselves in others' shoes, because after all, what happens to others doesn't necessarily affect us.

Rather, we often automatically apply stereotypes to others. Due to many sources of media, we are automatically acquired to a bad habit - prejudging others. For instance, rappers are almost always thought of as blacks rather than whites or any other races. Apparently, it is not true that all rappers are blacks and this is evident in Eminem's career success. By following the concept for making the world into a better place in the novel, "Pay It Forward" by Catherine Ryan, we can eventually solve the problem of stereotypes. If one person corrects another person's behavior and teaches him or her to use the opportunity to persuade other three people, the appropriate perception can spread exponentially through society. We should also try to be more understanding to others as it is a moral thing to do. As it is quoted...