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The Purple Door

Website Development and Marketing Proposal

This proposal has two sections: Website development; Marketing & hosting

(monthly services and fees).

I. Website development

Goals and Features for the website for GoldFire Diamonds:

1. To promote and sell the products of Gold Fire Diamonds business to business (B2B) to jewelry stores and suppliers.

2. To build a B2B GoldFire website that achieves top 20 placements on the three leading search engines (Google, Yahoo, & MSN)

3. To create a website structure that allows expansion to enable marketing to target market segments within the business-to-business and consumer markets.

Basic Pages and Services:

This website will utilize SSL (Secure Socket Layers) technology to ensure that your customers' information remains private. The site will contain:

1. "Homepage": B2C marketing focus, standard navigation and overview for website content.

2. "search page"

3. "Shopping Cart (product catalog)": page presenting products to potential customers.

4. "About Us" page gives history and business focus of GoldFire Diamonds, includes reasons to choose GoldFire and any other special information on product lines.

5. "Contact Us": this page enables a email management form, output to spreadsheet or database formats to manage customer acquisition and retention.

6. "Customer Service": page gives customer service information including, discount programs and pricing, shipping, returns policy and frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Search Engine Optimized Business Builder Website work plan includes:

1 Domain name reaserch and registration (for 2 or more years).

2 Search Engine Optimized Design of Content and Coding (.

Keyword Research & Selection : Up to 100 keywords will be researched -- is your target market really searching for the words that you think that they are? Search terms that actually show high marketing potential will be chosen to incorporate into your optimization and marketing project.

Search Engine Friendly Web Design Analysis...