Brain Drain among Students Studying Abroad on Vietnam's State Budget

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According to the statistics provided by the Ministry of Education and Training, only 10% of 300 talented students sent overseas each year to further their studies return to Vietnam. This shows that brain drain among students studying abroad on state budget is one of the most serious problems of Vietnam. This problem has lasted for many years and billions of dollars has been wasted. Therefore, it is time we resolved it. Some suggested solutions are selecting students carefully before sending them overseas, keeping track of those students, and attracting them to their homeland by encouraging policies.

The first thing that can be done to mitigate brain drain among students studying abroad on state budget is selecting students carefully before sending them overseas. Currently, the Ministry of Education and Training has just based on the students' study results at school and their marks in particular exams to grant them scholarships to study overseas.

However, the above statistics has shown that good study results and high exam marks are not adequate. What many Vietnamese students, who refuse to return to their native land, lack is patriotism. That partially explains why they decide to apply what they have learnt to developing other countries rather than developing their own homeland. Therefore, one more criterion for choosing students for overseas study should be patriotism, which can be shown in such a tangible form as a commitment. Students who want to further their study in overseas will have to make a commitment to coming back to Vietnam and contribute to the development of the country. If they do not undertake this commitment, they will be punished. This ensures that most students who are sent abroad to study will return to Vietnam and apply their knowledge to develop the country. In general, to...