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Essay by bench1987 August 2006

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Alot has been happening these past few days about work

but there's not much to say about it

I'll just keep mum over the issues hovering around

I've been feeling terrible.

I'm sitting here with a monstrous head - translation:

I've been, chilly, congested, snotty,

and my head feels as heavy as a brick.

I've been feeling down lately, not to mention poor

so I want to talk about something' nice...

what about boys hmmm...?

I hate pretty boys.

I hate guys, who look uh,

"they just stepped out of a fashion magazine "

if ever there is such a thing.

I hate guys who are paler, whiter than me.

I hate guys who are obsessed with cars, sports

and lots a girls - can't be satisfied with one huh

that for me, is just pure chauvinism -

but, this is just me giving my own opinion.

These kind of guys cannot hold my attention

for more than a few seconds.

don't get any ideas that I like guys

just because they're scruffy;

I may prefer the grungy y-chromosomed...

but they should be able to accentuate it with wit,

a sense of humor and a nice sensible talk

the more they look "real", the more I am fascinated

I have a hard time finding a definition

for how I picture the word "real".

I connote it with someone who's down-to-earth,

without any pretensions

and aware with everything that's going on with this world.

someone who's opinionated but not argumentative

I basically crave for a quintessential man,

but in a more modern, quirkier way.

I prefer them, passionate, thoughtful

and hopefully someone with an artistic, creative side.

I admit, I still have some sort of criteria.

I like it if they dress well, looks neat and clean

and smells good.

but basically that's it.

appearances doesn't really matter much

All I want is someone with good taste,

someone who can keep me occupied

with intelligent conversation,

and someone who can make me laugh to the point

that they possess the power to induce whatever

I'm drinking to come out of my nose.

that's a 100% handsome points

I can objectively admire pretty-boys

but I'm not really attracted to them.

a delight to the eye, yes.

an object of admiration, yes.

but my attraction still veers towards the "scruffy real' types.

I described above...