Boris Godunov's reign.

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Godunov's way to the throne wasn't easy. In Uglich the successor to the throne Dmitriy, the son of Ivan the Terrible's six wife, grew up. On the 15th of May in 1591 tsarevich dead under the obscure circumtrances. The official investigation was carried out by the boyar V. I. Shujsky. Trying to please Godunov he reduced the happening to the "negligence" of Maria the Nade, as a result of which Dmitry accidentally stabbed himself with a Knife, while playing with his coevals. Tsarevich was still, he stuffered from fits and to give a Knife to the child was really criminal. It is possible that Godunov was involved in Dmitriy's death, as only to make the nurse let the sick child play with a Knife would be enough. January 6, 1598 the tsar Feodor died, and Febriary 17, The Zemsky Cathedral elected the new tsar, his brother-in-law - Boris Godunov. They supported him as his activity as a favorite was highly valued by his contemporaries. Boris's reign was marked by the beginning raproachment of Russia with the West. No sovereign in Russia liked the foreigners as much as Godunov did. He began to invite the foreigners to service, releasing them from paying taxes. The new tsar even wanted to invite the scientists from Germany, England, Spain, France and other countries in order to found in Moscow a high school, were different languages would be taught, but the church opposed the idea.

Boris's reign began successfully. However, really terrible events broke out soon. In 1601 there were long rains, and then early frosts came and, according to the contemporary, " ". The next year the poor harvest repeated. The famine, lasting three years, broke out. The price of bread increased in 100 times. Boris forbade to sell bread at a price...