Book Review: "The Old Rookie" by Jim Morris and Joel Engel

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"The Oldest Rookie" is a true story based on Jim Morris's life. The story begins with a brief history of his parents. Jim's father could have been a legend in the small town for his football abilities. With that ability, he could have gone to college but he did not take this course. Instead, he joined the navy while dating Jim's mother who was pretty enough to be model if she did not live in a desolate town. The last thing they had on their mind was a marriage and children, but Jim was conceived and his parent decided to marry. Jim's dad was in the navy and this caused him to move from base to base-taking Jim and his mother with him. Then they moved to Key West, Florida where Jim found the passion of his life baseball.

Then they moved repeatedly as his dad was sent base to base.

During this time, he became very familiar and good in sports that included of using a ball this included baseball, football, and basketball. He got many friends and was just getting to his new life when his dad decided to move back to his hometown Brownwood, Texas where all they cared about was football. He was not welcomed in his new school in Texas as only athletes, cowboys, or just plain tough. As he had no way to prove, he was an athlete because there was no baseball. He proved himself by playing for the football team and became the varsity's second-string quarterback for the Lions; he could throw a football 95 yards. He could punt 50 yards, into the wind. Jim observed about the town, "It is no exaggeration to say that my entire story is built on the consequences of that belief. If Brownwood had fielded...