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Adam Andres: "WETEMAA"

Wetemaa is one of the legends of czech fantasy literature. Author of this book is woman who writes under assumed name. This book is written in czech language.

Wetemaa is called saga despite the fact that it consists only of two books, and it tells story of eleven 'companions' of king Guldeifr.

The first book called 'companions' is about acts of those eleven men who later became companions of lame king guldeifr. After short familiarisation with land of Ellad where the story takes place follows story of the first companion Sian the Browneyed and his step-brother Dangrud the Thoughtful that tells about adventurous journey of these two brave wariors to king guldeifr's castle during which they met tlaking raven caradac who becomes full member of the party. Next story is about Black Blad who after solving out family problems leaves to king's castle. Other stories follow olbrim morcant and his son harald whose wife and mother was kidnapped by the lord of dragons, asgeirr the doctor skilled warrior who rather saves life than takes it, Arnwald Dragonfighter who was brought up by forest people as killer of dragons, brotherlike friend waltheri skilled longbow man.

To the castle also comes cheerful reiulf son of fairy who has in arm magic ball that protects him from any physical pain. The last warrior to join guldeifr companions is tankred the keen-sighted once pikeman of the king widuvalt who was tortured and blinded because of love bad king's daughter and his friend.

In fact this king is the one who presents the 'bad side'. His family and family of king guldeifr have been in war of domination over the land of ellad for many years and king guldeifr is the one who is to end those hudreds of years old malice.

The last story of the first book is the story of dwarf Vilo and how he gets sword of hero wanne.

Wetemaa is the best czech fantasy heroic saga I've ever read. There are many made up words and phrases that charaters use and help reader put himself into the story. On the other hand I would reproach naivity of some ideas. But after all I would recommed this book to every fantasy lover.